Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Material Coming Soon... honest!

Just shy of a year ago, I posted:

"...the blog will continue!
My next step is CCNP Voice, and I plan on writing up my findings here, as well as any interesting R&S topics I come across."

Well, that didn't end up panning out as anticipated. The major problem was that I spent three full years of my life working on getting my CCIE number, and after that I had a long list of things - not related to IT - that needed completed, such as:

- Lots of home repair projects
- Cleaning my garage (Took nearly two months; it was pretty bad)
- Replacing a Jeep engine
- etc etc

Those tasks took a bit longer than I had anticipated. I've been non-stop busy since last January, and a year later I still have about 5% of the list left, but it's fairly manageable and something I can do in minor spare time now.

I did in fact pick up the CCNP Voice material, only to have it immediately replaced with CCNP Collab, and by that point I was so embroiled in 'the list' mentioned above that I didn't bother buying it.

However, with my 1-year anniversary of my lab pass looming, I figure I better start studying for the written again.

I nearly decided to ditch R&S and go re-up on the Collab written, as I spend more of my time in that space now and I do R&S. However, to be fair to my family, I decided that (hopefully) the R&S written would take me less time to study for than the Collab, and I can just plan on re-upping on Collab next time when I've got more "spare time".

There are a good number of topics on the v5 written that weren't on the v5 lab, but the big ones that I'm not already an expert at are GETVPN and IS-IS.

I'm working on the GETVPN blog right now, which will be posted when it's done/when I have time, but I expect in the coming weeks.



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